About La Cancha®

La Cancha® Soccer Magazine owned by Gerard Robbins is a member of  the  U.S. Press Association and media member of the  U.S. Soccer Federation and  Union of European Football Associations  (UEFA).  La Cancha made history by becoming the first online soccer magazine to receive credentials for a Men’s World Cup doing so at the 2002 FIFA World Cup co-hosted by Japan and Korea.  In 1999 La Cancha® Soccer Magazine received journalist credentials for Women’s World Cup which was held in the USA.  A list of journalist credentials received since 1997 can be seen below.

The concept of La Cancha® as a online magazine www.lacancha.com  began with the hosting of the World Cup in the USA in 1994. The owner Gerard Robbins was immediately attracted to the game upon experiencing the excitement and painted faces of the fans. Of all of the elements of the game the one thing that struck him the most was that all one needed to play the sport was a ball or something to kick and an empty space or playing surface. That is probably one major reason soccer, football, voetbal, fussball and futbol  as it is called everywhere outside of the US is the most widely played and viewed spectator sport in the world. During a major basketball finals match  the fans from the scoring team cheer but when a goal in the World Cup is scored  an entire country cheers.

With the playing surface being one of the most important elements of the game Gerard became fascinated with the degree of preparation and care which was required to produce a playing surface the field or (“La Cancha®” as it is called in Spanish) for a soccer match particular a match of  such international magnitude of a “World Cup”.

When viewing a match in Spanish language it was not difficult to see the significance of the word “La Cancha®” or the playing surface as commentators used the word countless times to report to viewers the position of a player on the field or when talking about the physical condition of the playing surface itself.  Gerard knew early on that the playing surface was probably one of the most important aspects of the game.  In addition to being a contributing factor to the movement of the ball specifically player control in terms of degree of bounce, roll and speed the potential for player injury could be significantly increased or decreased depending upon the care and condition of the playing surface.

To gain further knowledge about the playing surface, the field or “La Cancha®” he sought out the experts in the field who were responsible for preparing the surfaces of World Cup 1994.

Dr. James Watson, Chief Agronomist, Toro Consultant to World Cup 1994 Interviewed by Gerard Robbins

Dr. Tray Rodgers built the “tray” system used in Detroit Silver Dome Stadium for World Cup 1994 Interviewed by Gerard Robbins

Dr. James Murphy Extention Specialist in turf management at Rutgers University Dept. of Plant Biology & Pathology examines a tray of turfgrass delivered to the Cook Campus in New Brunswick New Jersey by Gerard Robbins.

The Whois record shows that Gerard Robbins eventually registered the domain name lacancha.com.  Record created on 03-Jun-1997 and subsequently the online website “La Cancha® Soccer Magazine”

Season Journalist Credentials for MLS League

Credentialed For The Following International Events

1997 – Reebok Cup  Soldier Field Chicago, Illinois (MLS)
1998  – International Friendly at RFK Stadium, Wash DC (MLS)
1998  – Gold Cup Los Angeles/Miami/Oakland  (CONCACAF)
1999 – FIFA Women’s World Cup (USA)
1999 – Gotham Cup Intl Cup Matches  Giants Stadium  (Metrostars)
2000 – FIFA World Player of the Year Brussels, Belgium (FIFA)
2001 – FIFA World Player of the Year Zurich, Switzerland (FIFA)
2002 – Japan J-League Match   Tokyo, Japan
2002 –  FIFA Men’s World Cup (KOREA/JAPAN)
2003 – Italian Super Cup / Juventus v AC Milan (Championsworld)
2004 – Manchester United v FC Barclona Phila (Championsworld)
2005 – Gold Cup Giants Stadium (CONCACAF)
2005 –  England  USA/ England Tour  Giants Stadium (MLS)
2006 – Barcelona Tour – Giants Stadium NJ/NY (SUM)
2006 – FIFA Men’s World Cup (GERMANY)
2007 – Equador vs Bolivia  – Giants Stadium (Sum Promotions)
2007 – Gold Cup (Giants Stadium) (CONCACAF)
2008 – New Jersey Ironmen Indoor Soccer (Prudential Center)
2010 – USA v Brazil – Giants Stadium (U.S. Soccer)
2012 – A.C. Milan vs Real Madrid (Championsworld)


Partial list of interviews conducted for “La Cancha®

Joao Havelange – Fmr President of FIFA “World Organizing Body of Soccer”
Pele – Greatest Player in the History of Soccer
Julio Mazzei – Head Coach of the Cosmos
Michel Platini –Legendary Soccer Player of France
Andreas Herren – Director of FIFA Communications
Carlos Alberto Perreira – Coach of Brazil’s 1994 World Cup Winning Team
Eusebio Da Silva Ferreira – Greatest Soccer Player in the History of Portugal
Zola Dunywa – Manager South Africa National Soccer Team
Roberto Carlos – Brazil Natl Team / Tied with Ronaldo for FIFA Player of the Year
Dr. James Watson – Chief Agronomist World Cup 1994 (the playing surfaces)
Paul Van Himst – Author & Greatest Player of Belgium / Winner of 1983 UEFA Cup
John Harkes – US National Team Player / Veteran of ’90 & ’94 World Cup
Carlos Valderama – Former Member of Columbian National World Cup Team
Claudio Ibraim Vaz Leal (Branco) Member of Brazil 1994 World Cup National Team
Charlie Stillitano – Head of MetroStars / Venue Dir. 1994 World Cup
Alexi Lalas – Fmr. USA World Cup National Team Member
Deon Burton – Fmr. Member Jamiaca National World Cup Team
Nikos Machlas – Europe’s #1 Scorer in ‘98 /Former member of legendary team Ajax
Gao Hong – Goalkeeper China National Soccer Team at World Cup
Sun Wen – Voted FIFA Woman Player of the Century
Liu Ailing – China Star Midfiielder – Member of China World Cup Team
Marla Messing – Fmr Pres. and CEO / Woman’s World Cup Organizing Conmittee
Jim Treker – Fmr. Secretary Gen. of US Soccer & Member of FIFA Media Committee
Dr. S. Robert Contiguglia – fmr Pres US Soccer & Delegate to US Olympic Committee
Dick Wilson- Exec. Director of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)
Claudio Taffarel – Goalkeeper of Brazil’s 1994 World Cup Winning Team
Andres Cantor – Univision TV World Cup Commentator – coined “Gooooalllllllllll”
Norberto Longo – Univision TV Sports Commentator

To establish and popularize the brand La Cancha® cross linked with more that 500 soccer specific websites.  Traveling to numerous countries including Switzerland, Belgium, Korea, Japan, France, Amsterdam Gerard met with and interviewed numerous soccer officials, players and fans and further spread the “La Cancha®” brand with the distribution of T-Shirts, acrylic desk ornaments and business cards at etc . As a result “La Cancha®” was ranked at the top of  every major internet search engine.

Prior to the creation of the Soccer Magazine “La Cancha®” and procuring a trademark trademark the owner of “La Cancha” he secured a contract with the FIFA World Cup Organization in 1994 to became the sole distributor of posters, acrylic blocks and certificates of authenticity containing actual pieces of turf grass obtained from the playing surface of World Cup 1994.

Gerard Robbins Cutting the grass at a World Cup Stadium in 1994.

Gerard Robbins Cutting the grass at a World Cup Stadium in 1994.