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Rivaldo – “Football’s Newest King!”


Rivaldo – “Football’s Newest King!” – By Gerard Robbins

Rivaldo whose actual name is Victor Borba Ferreira like many great Brazilian players started playing soccer as a child on waste sites in poor districts where he grew up. Born on April, 19, 1972 in Recife, Brazil, this genius on the field has more than 21 caps, and has played on various clubs including. Paulista (BRA) Santa Cruz (BRA), Mogi-Mirin (BRA), Corinthians (BRA), Palmeiras (BRA), Deportivo Coruna (SPA) and Barcelona where he was twice national champion and also top Spanish goal scorer.  Watching him play is a sheer delight, that is if you are not on the opposing side. Players on the oposing side have many times been left awstruck and immobilized by his seemingly superhuman reflexes and ball control.

La Cancha recently met Rivaldo in Brussels Belgium at the International Hall of Champions ceremony where he was awarded the FIFA World Player 1999 award.  We found him to be a very humble softspoken almost shy person, in contrast to his dazzling style of play on the pitch. He was asked how it felt being a member of the prestigious Brasilian national team, as well as being a candidate for the World Player Award. He responded  by  smiling and humbly stating in a soft tone of voice this was not only a great moment for himself but a wonderful moment for his fans and the people of Brasil.  He also expressed his pride in being a member of the Brasilian National team, a team which has as it’s alumni Pele, Rivelino and Garrincha, as well as Didi and Zico who were both in Brussels to be inducted into the International Hall of Champions.


Rivaldo was asked about his impressions of the Women’s World Cup and in particular his opinion of the Brazilian female sensation “Sissi”  He said that the level of play at the Women’s World Cup was very impressive. He was also quick to express how proud he was of all of the members of the women’s Brazilian National team including Sissi, referring to her as “brilliant”  Rivaldo also told us that one of the things that he will do never forget his past.  He says that one of most satisfying things in his life now is being able to help children. Thus, it is this writer’s belief that with the passage of time, Rivaldo will be considered to to be one of Brazil’s greatest players on, as well as off the field.

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